The project "Innovative practices and services in education"

aims at developing partnership between "Hristo Smirnenski" Primary school from General Toshevo and school "Adrian V. Radulescu" of the city Murfatlar to improve the education environment and enhancing the quality of education with a focus on improving the condition and integration of minorities disadvantaged groups and prevention of dropping out of school. In both schools, school boards and parents' association operate.

Amount of EU contribution

145 185.23 euro



“Hristo Smirnenski” Primary School

General Toshevo, Bulgaria



School "Adrian V. Radulescu"

of the city Murfatlar, Romania



Project main objective:


To increase the capacity of co-operation and effectiveness of educational institutions in the border region by improving the learning environment in order to improve the quality of education and preventing school dropout and retention of children in the classroom.

Results: Developed strategy guide and methodological activities and examples of best practices for prevention of dropping out of school. Increased qualification and competence of teachers and parents. Modernization of the school environment and educational integration of children.

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“Innovative practices and services in education”