Conducting educational and educational campaigns. Training camps, competitions, exhibitions

The focus of the activities is on the development of extra-curricular activities aimed at pupils' interests and the educational integration of children through the formation of communities of interest. Development of extracurricular activities supported by the program - music, choreography, art, foreign languages, sports clubs, civic competence, geography and history, ethnography, health education.

Thematic clubs have been formed: Folklore and Ethnos, Traditions and Customs, Crafts and Vocational Guidance in both schools.


Educational thematic children's camps:

1. Educational summer thematic camp "Traditional folk crafts and intangible cultural heritage - traditions and customs" - "Hristo Smirnenski" Primary School.

From 12.07. until 17.07.2018 in the towns of General Toshevo and Balchik was held a theme camp "Traditional folklore crafts and intangible cultural heritage - traditions and customs" with 40 children from both schools. The museums in General Toshevo and Balchik, as well as the botanical garden, were visited. During the camp was held a "Day of Cultural Diversity" with the performance of folk and contemporary songs and dances. An exhibition of photographs, souvenirs, drawings made by the students was organized. Presentations of pupils and teachers were presented. The children of both schools went to the beach and were provided with a rich entertainment program in which they were active participants.

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