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  • "Folklore and Ethnos";

  • "Traditions and customs";

  • "Crafts and Vocational Guidance".

Preparation a test / poll / for V-VI grade students - "Cultural and Political Values of the European Community". Collection and selection photographs, drawings, souvenirs made by students of all classes - in progress. Preparation and establishing clubs: "Folklore and Ethnos", "Traditions and Customs", "Crafts and Vocational Guidance". The extracurricular activities were held (music, choreography, art, foreign languages, sports clubs, civic competences, geography and history, ethnography, health education).

  1. Description of the activities of of groups "Folklore and Ethnos"" and "Traditions and Customs".

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  1. Poll “European Union”

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  1. Essays of Students

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  1. Information and promotional materials - folders, brochures, flyers, exhibition stands, boards, banners, T-shirts, and more.

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