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This model insists on promoting the good ideas, the school teachers’ creativity and potential. It is important to remember that the educational process moves in two directions and that it can be effectuated only of one’s own will. Modern education counts on the school student’s need to reach the desired knowledge with the help of the school teacher who should not offer everything ready-made. This tendency is possible with certain programs which are simplified and optimized, something which is not yet practiced by the Bulgarian educational system. Practical education allows the school students to legitimize themselves before the others through their individual decisions.

One of the trans-border initiatives of the Primary School „Hristo Smirnenski“, town of General Toshevo is the project: „Innovative Services and Practices in Education”, within the program for trans-border collaboration between Bulgaria and Romania with a partner – the school „Adrian V. Rădulescu“ (classes 1-8) – the town of Murfatlar, Romania. The project envisages developing a partnership between the two schools for improving the educational environment and raising the quality of the education by means of exchanging good practices and involving some innovative methods and activities. The main idea is for school students to stay in class based on the creation of certain positive attitudes on part of the school students in view of the education process, so that they will feel encouraged to communicate through the participation of the two schools in common activities across the border.

A priority in the works of the pedagogues is for the children to learn with a sensation of success, so that they can feel that they are the discoverers and inventors and the school teachers, only their mentors. The abilities and needs of the school students are modelled by means of a combination of performing class work in their compulsory tasks with working on projects, competitions or other different initiatives. That way, they will be able to understand the interdisciplinary relations between the subjects and will be able to reach a certain level of self-expression.


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“Innovative practices and services in education”